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Trustee Appointments

Trustee Appointments

In addition to our core business of recruitment, selection and assessment for senior posts within the charitable sector, we are able to offer 

- a systematic and objective approach to trustee recruitment 

- based on a needs analysis 

- in association with an audit of current strengths

- mentoring support for new trustees

The trustee recruitment service uses our Confidential Register of suitable and experienced candidates, all vetted by us and familiar with the general expectations of their role. 

We seek a careful match of individual skill and experience with the needs of the existing board, which may include considerations of a wider race and gender mix if appropriate. We concentrate in particular on selecting candidates with specialist and financial experience as well as business skills. We do not supply any personal details until we have the specific permission of an interested individual to do so, and we include in this service an initial briefing and whatever follow-up support may be required.

The trustee placement service is charged at a very modest fee to cover our marginal overheads. 

For more information please e-mail Mark Cummins, our Trustees Consultant at enquiries@charity-executives.co.uk

Becoming a Trustee

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please complete the form below to give us some idea on your interests and availability, and e-mail it to us with a copy of your current CV. This may be an abbreviated version of one you have previously submitted to us for a job application, with more emphasis on voluntary work and interests. The information will be stored on our Confidential Database. 

It is not our policy to give any information that you provide as a prospective trustee to any organisation until we have had a chance to discuss in some detail with them what sort of individual skills are needed. We would then tell you about the possible opportunity and, if you express an interest, provide you with relevant background information to consider before agreeing for your name to go forward.

We are not asked to fill a large number of trustee positions each year and frequently the charity specifies a geographical limit. We take particular care to match people to organisations, so it may be some time before we contact you.

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Please complete and send with a copy of your current CV.

Title: _____ Surname: _________________ First Name: __________________

Address: __________________________ Home Tel No: ________________

_________________________________ Home Fax No: ________________

_________________________________Mobile Tel No: ________________

______________________________      Email________________________

Post Code: _____________                      Work Tel No: ________________

  A. Please tick appropriate box(es) to indicate broad section areas of interest:

Double tick appropriate box(es) to indicate particular interest

E-01q arts / theatre / dance / music/festivals

E-02q animal welfare

E-03qblind /deaf / physical disability

E-04q children / young adults / elderly

E-05q community development: urban / rural

E-06q conservation / environment

E-07q education / training

E-08q family welfare / services

E-09q health / medical / Hospice

E-10q heritage / conservation

E-11q social housing / residential care/ homeless

E-12q international co-operation / overseas development

E-13q mental illness or handicap

E-14q penal reform / ex-offenders

E-15q refugee/ ethnic minority issues

E-16q sport / leisure / recreation

E-17q women's issues

E-18q Any other? _____________________________

B. Please indicate availability and preferred location by deletion:

working hours / evenings / weekends only  near home / near work / within county / within M25 / central London

How far areyou willing to travel? __________________ miles (radius)

C. Already a Trustee? Yes / No 

Which organisation / society? ______________________________________________

It would also be helpful if you were able to answer the following questions:

D. Any political affiliation? No / Yes If so which? ______________________Active / Passive

E. Any religious affiliation? No / Yes If so which? ______________________Active / Passive

  1. Ethnic Origin: __________________________
For Office Use only: Cons ____ MI Area ________________________ ASSET Date ___/____/2000 Admin


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